Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Allegro Adventures

OK, I think we have gone off the deep end.

As you may have read, we hit some severe bumps in the road the middle of last year and are just now getting  our heads above water. The Hubs is in training for a job, but has been living in a hotel up there during the week, then driving back to us on the weekends. Well, kids, this is an example of why it's expensive to be poor. 

He couldn't get an apartment because he did not yet have a pay stub proving he was employed, and so we were spending what would amount to rent on a Studio apartment for a week in a cheap hotel. Add food and gas to that, and we were killing ourselves to get through till his first good paycheck.

My answer was we should buy an RV and he could park it up in Safford. I have been fascinated for quite a while by the idea of downsizing drastically to the Tiny House style of living. I also have wanted desperately to own something, anything, as far as housing that was ours and could not he taken away. He could stay there, with the girls and I splitting our time between there and Hereford until Jilly was done with school. Then we would all cram into it for as long as possible until we got a nice little nest egg saved up and were able to buy either a house or some land to build a house. Even this plan seemed unattainable for a while, until we found it!

Not only was she cheap, the former owner let us have her with a handshake and a payment plan!

We drove her up to Safford yesterday and planted her on a nice corner lot in a lovely RV park.

This is a great view of Mt Graham we have sitting outside.

This is a shot of the interior before I really got going unpacking and making it homey.

 I wanted to make the girls a nice little area to play, I think it turned out cute!

 Kitchen mid-unpacking

Malcolm made himself sight at home on the couch. It folds out into a bed for the girls.

View through the kitchen back into the bed and bath

All in all, I am so super excited! I don't know if this makes me financially smart, or just White Trash, but I'm happy, and for the first time in my life have something that is mine to call home that no one can take away! We are going into what will be the most profitable career the Hubs has ever had with the least amount of bills we have ever had. I will take being a little crowded in exchange for that.

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Tracy DeLuca said...

I have always been fascinated with the idea of living in an RV and being able to go wherever I wanted! Of course, for now it is just a dream. Kids and too much stuff prevent it. But that little nest looks awesome!

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