Thursday, November 10, 2011

Healing List for 11/10/11

Please send Reiki, prayers, or simply positive and healing thoughts to this list.
To include yourself or others on the list, simply post the names in the comments. Please feel free to use the video to do a short, focused meditation for those in need of healing, or just include them in your thoughts in your own way,




The New Albany explosion victims

Mrs B.

Violi on her pregnancy

Joo Im Lee in a coma after a car accident

The Hittson-Dean family who lost a loved one

Matt in Indy

Me, please, I am stressed out to my limit.

The Hubs, healing from a shoulder injury

Jerri in Elwood Heart and liver issues, recently recovering from a coma

Kathy E. in Summitville IN

The Edwards family

Sam, Jennifer,and the Finan family

Byron in Ft. Wayne

Gina in Indy

Hunter the cocker spaniel diagnosed with detatched retina


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