Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Tuesday Pin:Orange Candle

If you have been on Pinterest at all, you have seen some  version of this pin.

We eat a lot of citrus in the Vardo, and I put the peels in vinegar that I use to make cleaning products, but I still end up throwing some away.
What a great idea to use them! It's a totally natural candle (if you use olive or coconut oil) and orange has awesome Magickal properties for energy and general mood lifting. Two birds, one stone. I have been wanting to give it a try, and I could use all the positive energy I can get!

I'm not gonna lie, it took me 5 tries to get this to work. I tried it with Cuties, and then with Valevcia oranges, no luck. Then I noticed on a different pin that I was working with the wrong end of things. The 'wick' formed by the pith seemed to be thicker and better anchored at the branch end of the orange, rather than the bloom end. Once I corrected this, it worked the first try.

gather your supplies

cut the peel around the center

I used the top to hold a tea light, or you can throw it in the vinegar as I mentioned

Use a spoon to separate the flesh from the peel

I used my fingers to twist the pith together into a wick

fill to just below the top of the wick with oil and light

This could be done with any citrus. Lemon for a more cleansing energy or lime for mental power. It could also be adapted into a spell by using herbs,herb-infused oils and putting stones in the oil. One variation I plan to try is Sea Salt, Lavender, and Amber for peace and calming energy to help me quiet my mind as I  get ready for bed at night.So many possibilities! What variation do you want to try?

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romany soul said...

How lovely. I must give that a go.x

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