Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting Crafty

I have been feverishly crocheting lately for two big reasons. 
1) Yule and Christmas are super close and I'm broke. These facts mean those near and dear to me are getting handmade gifts wether they like it or not
2) It's cheap therapy and good busywork to keep my hands busy and my mind blank as I crawl back to normal
This being the case, I see this blog moving more toward being a craft blog written by a Pagan than a Pagan blog written by a crafter .
Not that I won't get back to those posts, just that a big part of my day at the moment is crafting, mostly crochet , and if I don't blog that I'm not left with much .
For you non-crafters, keep checking back, I will get back to posts about Pagan topics as the meat of the blog as soon as I am able.
Until then, enjoy the scarf I made for my step dad!
Much love, Hippie Witch

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