Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diaper 3.0

Mojo is now 8 months, and her diapers are getting a little snug.  I have taken all I like and hate about the diaper design I made for this batch, threw it together with my growing sewing skills, and viola!  I have what I feel is an awesome, functional, and super-cute pocket diaper which should be adjustable enough to get her through to potty training...or at least close. 

There is a layer of flannel against the skin to wick moisture away, and the fleece is hidden inside and covered by the CUTE bee fabric!  They actually work well as a pocket diaper, not just a cover like my last batch turned into. Pretty proud, I must say!  I am so proud I am going to be selling them, along with hand made ring slings and nursing covers.  You can coordinate your whole baby stash LOL. 
Swing by the brand new and growing store at and see what I have been up to.


Bridgett said...

Those are REALLY cute. If we ever have another newborn, I'll know just where to come. :)

Hippie Witch said...

I did not cloth diaper Jiji only because the pins scared the crap out of me! Velcro RULES! These are so easy, and so cute, we get a lot of comments when we r out and about.

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